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Strided Solutions aims to revolutionize the equine industry through streamlined and powerful equine athlete performance technology. We are currently in the process of developing new technologies for competitive riders, including a mobile app and sensor device, focused on record keeping, analyzation, and improvement.

Keep track of your performance at competitions more effectively. With abilities to upload videos and sort by horse and arena on the new app, STRIDED.


Look back on past performance. Discover areas of lost time and common errors. Get graphical data on your run by our barrel pattern analyzer device – in development.


Filter history of runs by horse, arena, time, and date. Better prepare for competitions by crafting strategy to improve. Learning from past performance is power.

Our mission is to bring technology to the horse industry that helps equine athletes and riders of every level improve and perform their best.

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A Brand New Mobile App for Competitive Riders
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Improving on past performance and competing at the top of your game is a huge challenge in the competitive equine world. One of the best ways to improve is to learn from past mistakes. So we are creating STRIDED, A brand new mobile app to log all of your runs in one place, by horse and arena. That way you can upload videos, keep notes, analyze performance and build strategies to improve!

  • Log All Your Runs

    Keep track of your runs by horse and arena, keep notes, and upload videos all in one place!

  • Search Previous Runs

    Look at all logged runs on each of your horses or at a certain arena. Compare times and notes then find ways you've improved.

  • List all your horses

    Keep up to date notes on all your horses, upload health documents, add pictures, and more.

  • Schedule your races

    Keep track of flyers of upcoming barrel races, all in a convenient schedule so you never miss another race.

We are busy finishing up development, but we need your help! Vote on an app icon for STRIDED!
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Looking for a team of developers to build your equine software application, web or mobile app? We offer services that help horse organizations, show producers, and facility managers develop computer technology to bring them up to speed with the technology era. Technology has so many applications within the horse industry - and we'd love to help find those opportunities. Contact us below!

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